blackjack strategies

We offer you our tips and tricks to use strategy in playing one of the most popular table games online. The goal of blackjack is to gather points and be as closest to 21 points as you can get. With more than 21 points you’ll lose the game, with 21 points or a number just below, you may be the winner. The main aspect is getting the right cards from the dealer. However, luck isn’t the only factor to win this game. It is very important to learn the blackjack rules; how can you make the best decision based on the hand that is dealt, should you ask the dealer for a hit, stand, to double or to split?


Overall there are 340 combinations of cards so it is very important you make well thought decisions and use a strategy you manage best. This way you can really raise your chance at winning.


Below we offer you a blackjack strategy chart. Players can use this for checking possible combinations of cards and anticipate on what’s going to be their next step in the game. Really helpful to you is to memorise this chart so you are able to make good decisions in a short time.

Guide for blackjack strategy

Also, it is important to have a bit information about the 2 best opportunities in the game. Flat bets are keeping a consistent bankroll but decrease the chance of winning while progressive bets increase the wager amount and bankroll more quickly.


Once you’re going to start playing blackjack, it is helpful to practice your new learned strategies first, for example in a demo version of in one of the free try outs offered by the casino. If you’re ready for it, take a seat at a real blackjack table and win by luck ánd strategy!