Caribbean stud poker strategies

In the Caribbean poker game you’ll play against the house. So a poker face won’t help you out! However, strategies are very effective in playing this game. The table is similar to the blackjack tables. On the table you’ll see a 52 card deck and 2 sports per player for their ante and bet. The ante need to be placed by every player, the progressive side bet is an optional choice. When all the bets are placed, the dealer and all players receive 5 cards each. First, the dealer will reveal his highest card, then you can get a look on your own hand. Now, you need to decide if you’re going to fold or raise. If you have a really good hand, you can decide to make an extra bet, which doubles the amount of your ante bet.


If all players have decided to fold or raise, the dealer shows his hand to all players and tries to qualify himself; meaning winning by having the best cards. Any card that is lower than the ace king card, prevents the dealer from qualifying.  If the house (the dealer) wins, you will lose your ante and side bet. But if you’re the winner, you’ll receive the exact amount of the ante bet of all players and a pay off on their side bets.


This is the mathematical advantage the house (the casino) has on you as a player. Off course the casino earns money on you as a player. The house edge is making sure the casino earns back some of the money won by players. In this game the house edge is 5%. The lower the house edge the more advantage for players in gaining their wagers. But winning is difficult; the dealer qualifies around 56% of game time, however, players still have a 50% chance to beat the dealer!

House edge

Using a good strategy as a player you are able to increase your chance of winning by reducing the house edge. The decision to fold or raise is the most important one. Overall, you should never fold a higher hand than dealt, and fold anything less than an ace king.


If you hold a card that matches the face up card from the dealer and you’re having an ace king, you should always race. The ultimate card combination for a raise are the combinations of ace king and queen or the ace king and jack combination, together with a matching face up dealer card! If there are no combinations like this, you should always decide to fold!


This strategy is maybe a bit difficult for new players or players who have only played a few times before. There is a basic game strategy they can use in the beginning; place a bet when they have a card combination such as ace king, jack, and the numbers 8 and 3. Fold always if this combination isn’t in your hand!

Strategy for Caribbean poker