Online gambling


Online gambling sites attract more players every day. Nowadays online gambling is booming business!


A huge part of our daily lives is connected to online interactions. We almost can’t function without the internet nowadays; all of our routines like shopping, doing business, and communicate with each other are influenced by the online web.


The development of online internet has had a lot of influence in the expanding of gambling sites all over the world. Players from many different nations, are having fun by playing online game. The online gambling has become a really big business which held  millions of dollars. Players now have easy access to every kind of game they like to play. They don’t have to put any effort in travelling to a casino, but can play their favourite game at home, behind their desktop or on the couch on their smart phone. Online gambling is offered on any mobile device you can think of, and the games offer the same exciting experience, cosy ambiance and social interactions as any landed casino!


Around 1994, the first online gambling sites were developed. By the terms of Free Trade & Processing act, passed by the nation of Antigua and Barbuda, legal licenses could be granted to companies whom starting their online casinos.


In history there were different ways and different timelines, where development of online gambling took place. Beneath you’ll find a general overview of the development of the most influencing online gambling companies and tools.

History of major online gambling sites

Online casinos offer their games to thousands of players worldwide every day. One of the big players is Euro casino, which established in 2002 en receives expanding amounts of new players. Players are attracted by their huge amount of different fun and exciting games, great bonuses and personal service. Besides euro casino, there are a few other casinos developed later in time. They also have built a strong reputation, stretching all over the world.


In overall development of online gambling there were a few sites in particular, that influenced the online gambling market nowadays.

If we take a look at the development of online game technology, there are different companies that offer well developed software. For example, eurocasino has contracts with well known high quality companies like NetEnt, Microgaming and Blueprint, to offer their players the best quality game software. Some companies have set worldwide name by their innovative and creative software development and had a great influence of the software used nowadays in online gambling.

Development of online gambling technology

The first online games were offered by online casinos. The company ‘Microgaming’ is claiming to be the first that offered an online casino, named ‘The Gaming Club’. However, there are also other casinos claiming to be first. A really long time period existing casino is Cryptologic, which launched ‘intercasino’ in the online gambling world, and is still active today.


Both companies, Microgaming and Cryptologic, offered a great tribute at further development of game technology and software, which lead to improved online games and financial methods for player transactions.


If you’re an online player, active from the 90’s till now, you will have experienced the development of online gaming yourself. However, new players will be very surprised if the look back at the 90’s  software and even will laugh about the simplicity of the games offered. There were only a few games to choose from, and they contained very limited functions. It’s a great difference, in compare to the high range of  different games with many features offered these days online.


Companies starting with expanding online gambling, soon were confronted with the highly competitive business. Naturally, every company wanted to be the best provider of the latest online games. This competitive state  caused the quick further development of software and additional game features. Real live table games, theme slots and the big jackpot amounts are a few examples of how online gaming became more popular and attracted more and more players.


In the beginning of online gambling development, people were afraid, they were fooled while playing and lost their money because of unfair policy and game manipulation. Present day, every online casino is required to have a license for fair and legal offering of online games. So as a player, you are assured your playing fair online games. Besides the license, with different online games you can see with your own eyes the game you participate in is fair play; for example the live stream games, like roulette or blackjack table games, offer you the chance to watch the dealer and his hands live from your desktop or smart phone or any mobile device you like to play on!

Development of online gambling

Sports betting was always a popular kind of entertainment, so, short after introducing the first online casinos also  online sport betting was offered. The company Intertops was the first one, back in 1996, offering online sports betting and soon other companies followed. Sports betting already popular, the number of people who placed their sports bets online, expanded quickly. The branch of online sports betting was expending every day and became a worldwide known online form of entertainment. Each company offered their own online bets and bonuses, they did everything to attract more new players to place bets on their website.


4 years later, the company Betfair, presented a different kind of sport betting; in the regular sport betting, players bet ‘against’ the company, but Betfair introduced a game where players bet against each other, called ‘peer-to-peer ‘betting. This new way of online sport betting was immediately popular and it still is.


Nowadays, every player can choose from a massive range of sport events to place their bets and can watch their favourite sport games live on any mobile device they like.

History of online sports betting

After another year, a game called Poker Sport was launched by the Dutch Boyd company. They were the first who offered online tournaments, however, because of problems in customer payments, the company only lasted for a year.


The companies Party Poker, Ultimate Bet and Poker Stars, entered the online business in 2001., and also offered running tournaments, this time presented in live events. Poker stars and party poker expanded their offer by producing televised poker. This new development attracted a higher number of participants, mostly because of the introduction of ‘card camera’s’. Now all viewers were able to see each card of the players. The new development of card camera’s on T.V. together with their big campaign, resulting in a great expand of both company, by launching the World Championship of Online Poker. Their popularity grew immediately.


The largest impact on the popularity of online poker was the World Series star Chris Moneymaker. He played a Poker Starts tournament with an investment of only 40 dollar and got himself an entry into the WSOP. He was the example of an ordinary man, getting rich by investing just a small amount of money. Everybody dreamed of this ever sins. Some casinos like Euro casino, can really make this dream happen; every player, also players with a smaller budget are offered the chance of winning a huge jackpot amount!


Online poker is a worldwide popular game, especially in the United States, were the games are official legalised since 2006. The legalisation is known as the ‘Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act’ (UIGEA). It made the difference between the expanding of licensed online casino websites and the ones who didn’t and had to close for American players.


From the early beginning, online poker games are very popular and nowadays they still are. People that love online poker games or want to experience online poker, can enjoy themselves by playing at euro casino, which offers a huge range of online poker games!

History of online sports betting