Game of thrones


Watching the BBC series Game of Thrones every single time? Feel like you’re in the series with our new Game of Thrones slot now!

The eurocasino Game of Thrones slots is all about the 4 houses you will recognize if you’ve seen the BBC series; House Stark with the Dire wolves lying in the cold winter, House Lannister which always pays his debts, the fury Baratheon house and last but not least House Targaryen with its impressive and dangerous three-headed dragon resident.


If you start playing you’ll be immediately impressed by the graphics and many features this game has to offer you. Play the Game of Thrones slots on every mobile device you like and rule your kingdom within the big war and dangerous creatures. Use the offered free spins to pick your house of choice , use the 5x3 reel and take a chance at one of the 243 ways to win this game!


The four houses: First you can use the free spins to pick your favourite house. The 3 iron throne scatter symbols will help you collecting the spins you need. Decide on your favourite house carefully; every house has to offer you a certain amount of free spins, and amazing bonuses, all supporting you to be the lucky winner of a beautiful amount of money!


The Northern cold Stark house, will offer you up to 14 spins with a 3x multiplier. Easy collected, because with a 5 times stark symbol on your reels it will snow free spins for you!


The Lannister house rewards you if you are able to get the Lannister high symbol on your reels; you’ll be rewarded with 10 free spins and a great 4x multiplier


Baratheon house offers you 10 Royal free spins with a 5x multiplier. If you’re capable to uncover the highest multiplier you must get the baratheon high symbol 3 times on your reels. If you can do it, you won a very nice amount of money, and deceive yourself as the owner of this beautiful Baratheon house!


The Targaryen dangerous dragon offers your 18 free spins with a 2x multiplier as reward for the Targaryen high symbols on your reels.  But only if you have enough courage to face the dragon and get the three headed dragon coat of arms, you can rule your empire like a king!

Imagine yourself in the world of Game of Thrones, while playing for the big money. A dream come true for the biggest fans of the BBC Game of Thrones series. Recently BBC launched part 7 of the popular series and in addition Eurocasino had created a real Game of Thrones slots. Playing our game of thrones slots you’ll deceive yourself in the world of kingdoms and war and discover how it feels to enter one of the impressive Game of Thrones houses.

The four houses in Game of Thrones slots

More Game of Thrones slots?


The Eurocasino games of thrones slots offer you the opportunity to continue your exciting adventure by adding a gambling feature on the game. Gambling within the 7 kingdoms gives you a chance of winning 14 extra spins with a 3x multiplier. All you have to do is get the 5 stack Stark high symbols on your reels and you will be the winner of this exciting extra game feature!


Other extra features you’ll find in our Game of Thrones slots are a gamble trail feature including an amazing amount of free spins, and a nice scatter bonus. Your destiny is going to be determined by the Braavosi coin, so watch out! To serve our game of thrones players a little more, you can trigger every feature over and over until you get the wanted tree Sprones Symbols.


Overall the Game of Thrones slots with its exciting real live ambiance, colours and sounds matched with the series, has so many features to offer you can keep on going and play forever. The great winning amounts and impressive bonuses and multipliers are very attractive for all our players.