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Everyone has heard or read it once in a while; the lucky winner of a eurocasino jackpot who has become a real millionaire. And you might have thought, is there also a chance for me to win such an eurocasino jackpot? Yes there is! By eurocasino jackpots you have the same chance as anyone to win one of the progressive eurocasino jackpots and make yourself a millionaire!


Maybe you wonder how we get to the high amount of our eurocasino jackpots? Well, every time a player is making a progressive bet and places a deposit, we transfer a little bit of that money in our eurocasino jackpots. Because we have so many players, we are able to offer you high eurocasino jackpot amounts this way. And, every player has the same shot on being lucky and win one of them! Try your luck at one of our many fun eurocasino jackpot games!

Progressive Eurocasino jackpots

Eurocasino jackpots, how to play

Before you’re going to win one of our outstanding jackpots, please read the terms and rules of the game first. In every game you will find a game explanation so you can make sure you play the game at its best. In some games you have a chance of winning the jackpot with any bet amount you like, but certain jackpots are allowing you to play for the jackpot only if you place a maximum bet. The overall rule in playing for the jackpot is; the higher your bet amount, the bigger chance on winning the jackpot.


Another tip for you; jackpots containing a very high amount of money are more likely to be won by you; the amount is so high because nobody recently won the jackpot. So the higher the jackpot amount, the higher your chance at winning a great amount of money.


A very relaxing and easy way of taking a chance of winning the jackpot is to use the autoplay button. You can sit back and relax and wait unit you’ll become a millionaire by winning the eurocasino jackpot of your choice!


Jackpot tips & tricks

Winning one of our eurocasino jackpots?

Everybody has a chance of winning our amazing jackpots and become a millionaire. That’s why there so popular; there is a real chance of winning for all players, new or regular, big or lower budget; the same chance of winning for everyone who takes a shot!


Yes, also new players can win our jackpots, to help them we have online info graphics that gives you an overview of important data you need to know. Also you’ll see immediately the amount of the jackpot, so you can determine your chance of winning.


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First you have to make a choice out of or wide range of eurocasino jackpot games. It might be difficult because all the eurocasino jackpots are fun to play! Deciding on your number of win-lines and bet amount, can help you select the eurocasino jackpot that is perfect for you. To play the eurocasino jackpot games, you spin the reels and look at the symbols on your win-lines; the higher the value of the symbols the more you’ll win. That’s if, 3 or more symbols are beside each other in one of your win-lines. For the jackpot, in common you need to get 5 of more of the same symbols. If you have 5 or more symbols, you’ll get the offer to play a bonus game. This way you can win the jackpot!


Don’t worry if you didn’t win the jackpot immediately. Besides all the jackpot games are really fun and exciting games to play, you still can become the winner of very high amounts, also without the jackpot! The different features such as free spins, wilds and scatters will certainly help you in winning nice prizes.

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Are overdue jackpots existing?

Are there really overdue jackpots or are they just a story? Maybe you wonder why some casinos are telling you they have an overdue jackpot, and guide you to the display indicators as prove. However, these indicators are really nonsense! Casinos use the indicators because players think they can determine their chance of winning on earlier results. This is certainly wrong thinking but casinos like to use this wrong idea to trick the player and persuade him by claiming their jackpot is cashing out very soon.


This wrong idea about that future results are based on past results is called the ‘gamblers fallacy’.


However, there is little bit of truth in the players thinking; as we said earlier, how higher the amount a jackpot contains, the more chance the eurocasino  jackpot is cashing out. That’s because the jackpot hasn’t been cashed out for a longer period of time. Regardless which way you look at it, there is always a chance of winning but no guarantee.


Since 2009 there’s a list available that contains information about jackpot wins, total jackpot amounts number of wins and total payout amount. Out of 66 jackpots there was a total payout of XXX dollar! At eurocasino the total jackpot amount contains XXX dollar. Also Eurocasino offers 2 games very high in the overall number of winnings ranking; Mega Fortune and the Mega moola game. So play at eurocasino for the jackpot and play for fun!


Payout policy

It is important you read the payout policy first before you enter playing a progressive jackpot game. Often, casinos limit their payout per week or month. For example, if you win 100.000 dollar and the payout policy contains a restriction of 10.000 dollar a month, you will get paid 10.000 dollar a month, so it will take 10 months before you’ve collected your complete winning amount. However, some casinos make an exception for progressive jackpots and are willing to payout the price you have won at once, but there are only a few casinos offering this kind of payment. So check the payout policy first, and you’re certain of the way of payment if you’re the lucky winner of a progressive eurocasino jackpot. And eventually, regardless the payout is either once per week or month, at the end you always receive your full won amount. So while waiting just have fun with playing more games in the mean time! The cash will come to you!