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Welcome to the real live blackjack eurocasino tables. Choose your seat and play along in this exciting real life table game!

One of the most popular games that eurocasino has to offer are the real live blackjack eurocasino table games.  The game is also known by the ‘twenty-one’ term. There are different varieties on this blackjack eurocasino game, so every player, regular or new, can take place at one of the tables and win the game.


Popular about this blackjack eurocasino game is mostly the social element and the experience of playing real live. As a player you’ll have a life stream connection and overview on the table and the dealer. You can choose your seat and have a good look at all the aspects of the game. Very important because you can decide your next step in the game immediately based on what’s happening at that exact moment. Behind your computer or even on your smart phone you can feel and enjoy the real life exciting ambiance. There are so less differences playing online in compare of playing in a landed casino because of the live stream and the croupiers who guide you the same way. This elements are bringing you as close as you can get by sitting on a real life blackjack table!


Besides that, learning to play blackjack eurocasino is easier online. It offers ease access for all players and on your screen you’ll find clear information about the betting opportunities and table limits. You can contact the croupiers on every moment during the game and the will support you in whatever you need. So, play the real live blackjack eurocasino game anytime and anywhere you like and be the winner of the game!


Playing blackjack eurocasino online; great advantages for our players

What’s blackjack Eurocasino all about?

The goal of this blackjack eurocasino game is to play against the bank and come as close to 21 points as possible. You never can go over the 21 points, because then you lose. Every total of points below 21 points gives you a chance of winning. Having exactly 21 points is rare, so a total number of 19 or 20 points is your best shot. A good card to help you collect the points you need is the ace card. Ace cards have always the value of 1 or 11 points. So for example, if you have cards with a total of 18 points, the ace card will value 1 point instead of 11. You now have a total of 19 points and might win the game.  This way, they prevent a player for going over 21 points and lose in a short time, so this rule is really an advantage for the player.


So check your points and choose the number that brings you closest to 21 points and win this eurocasino blackjack game!

Playing blackjack Eurocasino online

When start playing a blackjack eurocasino game, the first thing you do is select the seat of your preference, by clicking at one of the available options. After selecting your seat, it is important you decide on your chip value (see the options below on your screen) and with how many chips you are placing your bet. The sign that says ‘no more bets’ means every player has placed their bet and are ready to start the game. The dealer will shuffle and deal the cards. Look at the card in your hand, count the total number of points and decide if you like to sort Hit, Stand, Split or Double. During the game the dealer will remind you when your choice is available.

As you can see on the image above, you have a good look on every aspect of the blackjack eurocasino game; the cards and hand of the dealer are in full centre of your screen. In the left corner you see an overview of the last 10 hands of your dealer, and the winning percentages. Sometimes there appears an invitation on your screen for entering the mini lobby. In the left down corner you’ll find the game explanation and some other important facts like info about your table and game history.


As a participant in blackjack eurocasino, you’re able to win a 100-300% bonus! The policy describes a payout within 48 hours. So a huge amount of money, transferred to you in a very short time. So select a seat and start playing blackjack eurocasino now!


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