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Take your chance and become the lucky winner in one of the eurocasino live casino games!

The popular eurocasino live games guarantee all players a lot of fun and excitement in a real life ambiance, just behind your mobile device sitting behind your desktop or relaxing on your couch!

The outstanding real live games eurocasino live casino has to offer are fun games such as baccarat, roulette and blackjack. All the tables offer you to participate with different bet amounts. If you like to spent o lot of money or you want to participate with a low budget, every player is welcome at one of our live game tables!

Extended real live games at eurocasino live casino

We will offer you a short game explanation of the most popular eurocasino live casino games.


Roulette: At the roulette table you see a green deck with a lot of numbers on it and the colours black and red. You can place your bet on every number or colour you like and then sit and wait if the dealer turns the spinning wheel.  Let’s see if you’re going to be the lucky winner! Eurocasino live casino offers different types of roulette( American or European), for every level a suitable roulette table.


Blackjack: The blackjack table game is played with cards. The cards with an image on them (like queen or king) are 10 points and the cards with a number are valued that number. The goal is to be as close as you can to 21 points in total. You can’t go over 21 points but need to stay under but as close to 21 as you can. The one who is closest is the winner. If the dealer hands you’re a bait card, you can decide if you value the card on 1 or 11 points (depending on how many points you holding already in your hand). The game is played with open cards so you place your bet before the game starts.


Baccarat: Eurocasino live casino baccarat is played with 312 cards, divided in 6 stacks. The dealer is pulling the cards on by one, until he holds only 7 or less cards in his hand, Then, he shuffles them and the player who has the highest offer can buy these cards. Players can place their bets one by one, starting with the player on the left side of the dealer. If you end up with a total of 9 points in your hand (or are closest near 9 points) you are the lucky winner!


Eurocasino live casino offers their players also different poker variants like Omaha and Texas Hold’em.

Game explanation

Are you curious to experience the ambiance of a real live table game sitting behind your desk at home? Eurocasino live casino offers you this opportunity by their dealer- and peer interaction in a exciting and fun ambiance.


Playing a table game like blackjack or roulette is having a real life experience, most of all because of the direct interaction with your dealer. You can chat the dealer if you have questions, bet amount or other information and the dealer replies to you verbally, so you are able to hear his voice. A high quality new feature that eurocasino live casino has developed is a voice chat communication. This feature make it more easy for you because you don’t even have to type on your screen anymore! Besides the real live interaction, you can follow the game live, so you can focus and anticipate on your next step. You’ll see the dealers hand all the time because the dealer is placed in front at the centre of your screen. This way you can make sure there is only fair play at your table. On your screen you’ll find also an overview of your placed bets, timetable and off course your winnings!


Eurocasino live casino offers you a full HD image on your mobile device and offer players the same high quality life experience on your smart phone or computer, with features such as a full screen spinning wheel while playing the roulette game and a computer generated betting board. Another service from eurocasino live casino is they offer you the opportunity to download their free apps on your IOS or Android phones so you can play anywhere and anytime you like.

Experience a real life table behind your screen

Eurocasino live casino games; advantages for the players

Every new player is getting rewarded only for registration, so that’s a good start of your online gaming experiences by eurocasino! Besides that, every game offers their players a deposit bonus in the form of cash or free spins. For example, the welcome bonus that eurocasino live casino is offering new players is XXX dollar and XXX free spins to play your favourite games with! There are too many bonuses to name them all, but there is an extended range available for every player. Check them out now!


Players have a great overview of the games on their screens, and a lot of choices to play by your personal preferences; you are able to choose your own dealer, budget, betting limits and even your own seat at the table! On your screen you have clear view on the hands of the dealer so you can decide on your next step in the game. A real live and fair play experience at eurocasino live casino for every player!

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