Is it really true that you can win certain games by strategy? Yes it is, read how!

Elk studios is a company who developed slot especially for playing on mobile devices. They offer slots like Taco Brothers, Bloopers and Electric Sam. When it comes to game strategy all this slots have a certain amount of comparability. Off course a lot of people are sceptic about using game strategies to win. Slots can’t be influenced because of the software which provides random number generation. Partly these people are right, but not fully. There are really some strategies that can accentuate winning streaks and lower your losses. The whole story isn’t about calculating your wins but calculating  to adapt your wagers.


Elk studios is using betting systems in their slots which automatically adjust your wager to your wins, losses and bankroll percentage. The main important aspect are the betting patterns; you can change your pattern while playing and this way using betting strategies in every slots game. A tip for you; because of the automatically adjustment of your wagers, you can use the auto play function in every game!


Strategy on slots

There are 4 main strategies for playing slots

Booster; this strategy increases your bet one step by every loss you make, with a limitation of 4 levels above your base wager. If you win a round, your bet amount will return to base level.


Leveller: If you lose 5 rounds in the game, your wager will increase to steps. With every extra 5 rounds of loss, your wager will increase two extra steps. This slot contains a negative progression betting system so when you win, your bet level is already reset to the base value you started with.


Jumper: This strategy increases with every winning round, with a limit of 4 levels above your base wager. With this strategy your losses are no high risk because of you going back to base level whenever you losing a round.


Optimizer; this last strategy is  a bit more exclusive and only available in 3 games (Bloopers, DJ Wild and Poltave). Your bet level will adapt on how you perform. It is adjusting to the win and loss percentage throughout your game.


For optimal performance and low risk, you can use all 4 strategies in one slot game! Really there is no best strategy. One strategy is easier to manage then the other, so the best thing to do is select the strategy that fits you best. This way you can use and practice the strategy of your choice several times.


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