Online gambling in holland


Online gambling sites in Holland

Online gambling has become very popular in Holland. Everyday more players take their advantage in online playing. 


Nowadays a Dutch player can choose from so many different online gambling sites, where he can play games and communicate in his own language. One of the most extended gambling sites is Eurocasino, who likes to welcome Dutch players in their own language. However, most websites have a foreign webadress, because they have no licence yet to offer their online games on a Dutch webadress. It is only a small problem; if Dutch players have found the correct website, they can receive all the information they need in Dutch!


Online gambling is still illegal in Holland according to the Dutch Law of Gambling. There are no licences provided by the Dutch government. Earlier, there were plans for legalisation, but unfortunately they were never executed. For this year the Government presented new plans for legalising online gambling but it isn’t clear when and if the legalisation will take place. To offer online gambling to Dutch players, many companies operate from Malta or Gibraltar, because online gambling is already legalised there. So, despite the difficulty with countries differ in legalising online gambling, a few casino’s such as Euro casino, are able to offer legalised online games provided by the Malta Game Authority. This way, Dutch players are reassured of a legal and fair play by Euro casino.


When online gambling is legalised, the Gambling Authority KSA, will provide different licenses for sport bets, table games, slots and so on. The companies have to make an investment to licence all their offered games, something that Euro casino has already done; they put in a lot of effort, which has resulted in different licenses for all their offered online games.

The Gambling on a Distant- organisation claims the goal in legalising online gambling, by registering 80% of all the online players that use legalised sites for their online games. This way legal gambling sites in Holland, are able to hold taxes automatically. This is certainly no disadvantage for the players although it seems like it; legalisation causes a dropping in taxes on won prizes. The actual amount of 29% tax, will decline to 20%. So online playing and especially online winning is getting a lot cheaper for the Dutch players when legalising online gambling in Holland.

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In their plans to legalise online gambling, the Dutch government is also aware of the number of players that are, or become addicted to online gambling. On one hand the Government is afraid of a rising number addicted players, but on the other hand, they can manage the addicted players by adding software to select players who spend huge amounts of time on online gambling. The Gambling Authority would be capable of developing a nationwide register, to keep an eye on the addicted (to be) players. Also, the software can provide them a chance to fight criminal intentions such as online fraud.


However, a lot of players and especially companies, can’t wait for legalisation of online gambling. There are also a lot of people who have no faith in the legalising system. For example, they don’t like the upcoming promotions for online gambling on social media, something you see often in countries where online gambling is already legalised. According to them, it will cause a rising number of addicted players. They’ve got a point, but on the other hand, proper online gambling sites like Euro casino have a strict policy for their players, and taking measures to prevent gambling addiction.


With all the pro’s and con’s together, it is difficult to predict if and how the Dutch Government will legalise online gambling. But whatever they decide, the Dutch players can play all the games they like at Euro casino, and are guaranteed a fun and fair play!